Electricity is used to fuel so many of our daily activities. Whether it be producing heat for cooking, powering the light supply or ensuring that we can continue to watch our favourite programmes on the television - electricity is often taken for granted. Since it is such an important source of fuel, it is vital that we check it is managed properly and that when we need to make repairs, we are aware of how much it will cost to ensure they are done properly.

Many people like to make improvements to their home and this often involves rewiring electrical outlets. Especially if you have recently moved into a new property, you may not be fully aware of the location and state of the electrical sockets or the wiring. Your estate agents, landlord and flat removal company team can advise you but regardless of whether you are in a brand new or an old property, make sure you personally check all electrical equipment and outlets routinely. If an electric panel or box is old, it might be liable to fire hazards and tripping. If you need to check the details of your box or panel: ask a recognised electrician to check. The average price for changing your panel / box is £100, though it depends on whether or not it can be upgraded or needs to be replaced in full.

Adding new wires / switches

If you need to amend your electrical setup to add new wires or switches, it is vital that you ask a recognised electrician to perform the job for you. Before doing so, you need to consider how much it is going to cost you to make the required changes. Remember that an electrician charges by the hour. Therefore it could be a good idea to wait until you have a few amendments that need to be done before hiring one. If you can do the majority of the preparation beforehand, you will minimise the cost for yourself. Similarly, offer to do the general cleaning post installation yourself to cut down on costs even more.

Electrician’s prices vary, but expect to pay around £70 an hour for labour costs.


Before hiring an electrician to make changes to your lighting, try to get a quotation. There are several factors that can raise the price you will pay. If the electrician has immediate and easy access, it is likely to lower your cost. Chances are that the cost of the lighting is going to cost more than the labour you pay to get it done, so it may seem minimal in comparison.


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